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    I am Anusandhan,

    Tech & Photography Enthusiast.

    Computer Engineering / Photography / UI / UX

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    About Me

    I was born in Kaskikot, a place where people consider mountains as a divine entity. In my childhood, I always dreamed of reaching the mountains. I grew up in Pokhara, where I developed a keen interest in visual storytelling. Since then, I have been an aesthete person. Through my creative journey, technology has always been more than just a tool. Intending to create better tech-experience for everyone, I studied computer engineering at IOE, Pulchowk Campus & now I run a branding agency 'Esfera Brandings' with two of my friends.

    I am still figuring out the mountains I have to reach in life. Here you will find my experiences through this process and my thoughts about everything that surrounds me.

    Philosophies I Follow

    Google's Material Design

    Material Design is a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science. This design language was developed for Google's Android OS but it's principles are useful for other design purpose as well.

    Art and Design Feature Image

    7 Principles of Art and Design

    The 7 principles of art and design are balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, contrast, unity and movement. These principles are very helpful in design and photography.

    Agile Framework (Scrum)

    Scrum is a framework for project management that emphasizes teamwork, accountability and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal. It is a type of agile framework. It can be very helpful for a small/medium scale team to stream-line their project and product management.

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      Published Stories

      Panchase Feature Image

      The Last Guardian of Panchase

      26 July, 2019

      We found that the peak was abandoned by locals. We had no water left. We could walk no more on an empty stomach. I was hopeless. I took some photographs but the weather was too hazy. We could barely see the mountains. Suddenly from a small Kuti, we heard someone chanting some mantras.

      Patan Kid Feature Image

      The Innocent Faces of Patan

      2 August, 2019

      How much more enjoyable it is to hear the sound of rain - spending time with a child than to sit by the window and drink coffee. Their parrot speech. Their little laughs. Their cries. Their stubbornness.

    • Projects

      • Rent a Bike Feature Image

        Rent A Bike: A Bike Renting App

        Android Mapbox

        Project Mates: Baibhav Bista, Shristi Shrestha, Anmol Paudel

        Download App
      • Sanjog Travels Feature Image

        Sanjog Travels: A Travel Company Website

        Django Web Technology

        Project Mates: Baibhav Bista, Shristi Shrestha, Anmol Paudel

        Visit The Site
      • Speech Synthesis Feature Image

        End-to-End Speech Synthesis Using Deep Neural Networks

        AI Deep Learning

        Project Mates: Baibhav Bista, Lumanti Dangol, Mohit Kedia

        Mentored By: Paaila Technology

      • Alumni Portal Feature Image

        An Alumni Portal and Tracking System

        Django Web Technology

        Project Mates: Baibhav Bista, Lumanti Dangol, Mohit Kedia

        Supervised By: Dr. Aman Shakya, Dr. Basanta Joshi

        Technologies I Use

        Adobe Illustrator Icon Adobe Photoshop Icon

        Graphic Designing

        Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

        Adobe XD Icon Adobe AfterEffects Icon


        Adobe XD, Adobe AfterEffects

        Adndroid Icon Java Icon

        App Development

        Android Java

        Notion Icon Trello Icon Slack Icon


        Notion, Trello, Slack

        HTML Icon CSS Icon Javascript Icon jQuery Icon VueJS Icon

        Web Development

        HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, VueJS

        Python Icon



      • Achievements

        Ncell Ceremony Feature Image


        Computer Engineering Faculty Topper
        by Ncell, Axiata Group

        Pulchowk Campus, IOE


        5th/6th Sem, Computer Engineering
        Pulchowk Campus

        Assistive Technology Hackathon Group Photo


        Assistive Technology Hackathon, 2018
        Organized by Disaster Hack

        Woman Meditating In Mardi Himal

        4TH PLACE

        National Photography Competition 2018
        Organized by Nepalese in Photography

        Excellence Award with Certificate


        Batch Topper, SLC Batch 2070
        Nilgiri English Boarding School

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